I've had the pleasure of working with Charles for the past 6 years. His football knowledge is unparalleled. He knows the game as well as any analyst in the business today. What separate Charles from so many is his ability to communicate his knowledge in a clear, concise, and entertaining manner. In other words, he speaks TO the listener rather than AT the listener. A rare quality these days. When an analyst reaches that threshold, he moves to the top of the list. In addition to his abilities, Charles is one of the finest men I've had the pleasure to meet in my 32 year career in sports. The word "class" fits him like a glove. He's a great analyst and a better person.

Joe CasaleVice President, Business Development, Sports USA Media

"Charles Arbuckle was one of the best tight ends in the history of UCLA football. He could separate from coverage and could really get himself open against top defenses. He had size, moves, hands and was physical. He had a certain smoothness to his style of play that few players had. He was a very gifted and talented player." " Charles Arbuckle is a very articulate and knowledgable analyst. He has played the game of football successfully at every level and as a result of that he simply knows what he is talking about. He's accurate, insightful, and easy to listen to."

Terry DonahueFormer GM for San Francisco 49ers & UCLA Head Coach From 1976 to 1995

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